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  • Energizing Partnerships Lead to Powerful Financing Options

    November 6, 2017  - About AscentiumCustomer Reviews
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    When you think of business financing and leasing relationships, most times there is an assumed one-to-one association between the business and the financing company. There are, however, more complex business partnerships that require financing alternatives. As a lender in this multi-party relationship, being able to provide fast and effective cash flow solutions through quoting tools and other technology enhances these important partnerships. (Read More...)
  • C-Store & Petroleum Industry Financing is one Quick Stop with Ascentium Capital

    October 9, 2017  - Customer Reviews
    Cindy Turner
    There's one thing about small town USA that is true across our country – your neighbors are like family. The business community is made up of people who understand the importance of relying on their neighbors, delivering value, and giving back. They also understand the need to invest in their business to keep current if they want their community to thrive. In southwest Arkansas, Buddy & Howdy's, Inc. operates as regional chain of gas stations with convenience stores using that important philosophy. (Read More...)
  • A Brighter Future for Binson’s Medical Equipment & Supplies with New LED Lighting

    A Brighter Future for Binson's Medical Equipment & Supplies with LED Financing
    Binson's locations were still using fluorescent lighting. Not only was low fluorescent lighting a challenge for seeing properly and scanning barcodes, but it did not showcase their products very well. In addition, fluorescent lighting did not offer the cost efficiencies of LED technology. With the number of locations, and sizes of the warehouses and retail spaces, making a dramatic change over to LED in a low margin business was looking cost prohibitive – until they found Ascentium Capital. (Read More...)
  • Putting Pedal to the Metal to Deliver Great Customer Experiences

    July 6, 2016  - Customer Reviews
    Kris Zachary of Burns Towing shares her insightful examination of why working with a lender like Ascentium Capital has paid off for her and Burns Towing – and allowed her team to continue building on their customer loyalty by delivering great customer experiences. (Read More...)
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