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Car Wash Equipment Manufacturers & Operators Shine with Simple Financing

February 11, 2019  - Car WashCustomer Reviews
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DRB Systems (DRB), a leading provider of technology-enabled devices and software solutions for the car wash industry headquartered in Ohio, has taken that notion of helping each other by teaming up with Ascentium Capital to offer financing for car wash operators and owners. This has enabled DRB and their car wash clients to reach a new level of success, and it pays off for both.

DRB has been helping car wash operators from coast to coast since 1984 with point-of-sales solutions that touch every part of a car wash operation. So, when DRB sees one of their clients looking to expand or grow, it makes sense to help facilitate that notion by introducing a financing lender. Especially one that can quickly, flexibly and easily work with a small business owner.

Text of quote from Todd Davy of DRB systems Inc stating that Ascentium makes it easy for their customers to find financing that fits their needs

One client, Acme Car Wash, has 3 locations in Salinas, CA and over 60 years in business. Acme utilizes DRB's convenient self-pay terminals to save time and allow customers to control their own transactions. Todd Davy, of DRB Systems and Gigi Ene, of Acme Car Wash, share how Ascentium Capital's flexible financing programs enabled both businesses to shine!

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Finding the financing program that fits the customer is key. If that can be accomplished through a variety of programs offered, the customer can then have a level of confidence and stability to move forward with their purchase through DRB. Working with Ascentium allows flexibility in programs such as deferred up-front payments.

Text of quote from Todd Davy saying that Ascentium's financing helps their customers afford their products and improves DRB systems bottom line

A key differentiator for DRB is that its technology offerings deliver an integrated solution that enables the car wash operators of all types and sizes to operate more efficiently, positively impacting their bottom line. Unlike equipment-only point-of-sale companies, DRB Systems also provides the business “know-how” to transform most car washes into profitable, thriving businesses. This broad industry expertise has helped DRB attain their sales goals as well as help customers, like Acme Car Wash, accelerate their growth.

Text of quote from Gigi Ene of Acme Car Wash saying that Ascentium is very quick to respond to requests for financing

The car wash business solutions provider has been working with Ascentium to provide customers with the financing needed for POS kiosks, tunnel systems and software needs to name a few. Davy stated, “We target to grow 20% year over year, and Ascentium Capital has really helped us reach that goal.” DRB has exceeded that in recent years. They've experienced annual growth of 28% to 30% in each of the past three years bringing turnkey technology to car wash owners and operators in the United States and beyond.

Text of quote from Todd Davy saying he would definitely recommend partnering with Ascentium Capital

DRB uses a tagline: The difference between a good car wash business and a great one. They strive to achieve that by offering a full suite of products and services, training and resources for their car wash operators, and a true synergistic approach to help their customers think more broadly about their financial options.

For more detail on how Ascentium Capital's car wash equipment and technology financing solutions helped DRB achieve sales goals and grow their business, download our case study.

Click to download our free case study on car wash equipment financing


Ascentium Capital's financing helps businesses clean up! No down payments, flexible terms and quick credit decisions help equipment providers give the greenlight to car wash owners and operators. Request a no obligation quote for a financing up to $1.5 million: Fill out this quick form and your finance manager will be in touch shortly.

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