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  • Husband & Wife Entrepreneurs Hungry for a Good Sub Expand to 3 QSRs with All-inclusive Financing

    August 29, 2023  - Customer ReviewsRestaurant
    South Coast Subs owners Janette and Chris Hall
    Janette and Chris Hall’s success story started with a simple craving for a sub sandwich like “back home in New Jersey” after moving to New England. Newly retired and having grown up on oil and vinegar subs, the couple set out to open a shop of their own not far from home. In 2019, they started their business, South Coast Subs, Inc., and opened their first quick-serve restaurant (QSR) in Dartmouth, MA. Chris's background in commercial construction and Janette's operations and financial management expertise were a recipe for success! (Read More...)
  • Strong Relationships and Fast Access to Financing Drive Growth for this Woman-Led Towing Company

    photo of Kris Zachary owner of Burns Towing and her two sons Drew and Trevor
    Eight years ago, Ascentium Capital believed in Burns Towing, providing financing that helped rebuild both her business and credit. Kris was able to catch up on balances and acquire a new tow truck. She shared her story with us back then in her first video testimonial. “Ascentium is one of those companies that took the leap of faith with me and gave me a chance to prove myself.” Kris Zachary—President & Owner, Burns Towing, Inc. Now, nearly a decade later, Kris sits with us again to discuss how her business has grown into new avenues and the part Ascentium Capital has played in her continued success. (Read More...)
  • Harnessing AI: 15 Tools to Help SMB’s Stay Ahead of the Competition

    image of a puzzle piece with ai bringted on it being placed into a larger puzzle
    Small to medium businesses (SMBs) are always looking for creative ways to do more with less. With limited resources at their disposal, the most successful organizations find innovative approaches to reach their target audience and boost sales. Fortunately, the emergence of AI marketing tools has provided a solution for SMBs to streamline their marketing efforts and achieve superior results. AI marketing tools are software programs that leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to automate and optimize various marketing functions. By utilizing these tools, SMBs can enhance their marketing strategies, increase customer engagement, and improve conversion rates. (Read More...)
  • Former Delivery Driver Goes for the Gusto & Opens 6 QSR Locations with More on Menu

    photo of Springfield Pie Inc employees smiling and welcoming you to their Domino's location
    Augusto “Gus” Garcia began his successful business journey in 1999 as a delivery driver for Domino’s Pizza in Springfield, Massachusetts. With bigger plans on the menu, he worked his way up to management within the store, and then became part owner. In 2014 Gus was able to buy out his partners and become the sole franchisee of the Domino’s location, under his own company Springfield Pie, Inc. Amidst the Pandemic in 2021, this savvy entrepreneur expanded adding 4 more locations in Western MA when many other businesses were closing their doors. Determined to continue growing his franchisee network and build a new store, Garcia searched for fast financing options. (Read More...)
  • Mom CEO Transforms Fitness into Fun with Ascentium Capital’s Industrial Equipment Financing

    June 26, 2023  - Customer ReviewsIndustrial
    Photo of Pamela Gunther CEO and Owner of Fit and Fun Playscapes
    When Pamela Gunther volunteered on a playground improvement committee at her young son’s school, she never imagined how much it would change her future. A mom of 3 young boys, including one with ADHD, Gunther quickly learned that the playground games and activities being offered in the schools and community were less than perfect. After being outside for days painting, she thought there could be an easier, better way to do it. She set out on a mission to develop engaging and innovative games to foster movement and launched her business, Fit and Fun Playscapes, in 2011. (Read More...)
  • Can I Finance Software Purchases & Implementation for my Business?

    June 1, 2023  - Technology & Software
    Whether your business is focusing on growth initiatives or adding efficiency for your customers and workforce, having the best-performing technology is critical to your eventual success. In addition to providing a better user experience, newer technology can improve security, fix bugs, prevent malware, and decrease downtime, but it can be expensive. (Read More...)
  • Unleashing the Power of AI: A Beginner's Guide to Integrating AI Into Your Marketing Strategies

    Unleash the power of AI
    Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming increasingly prevalent in modern marketing. AI-powered solutions can help automate repetitive tasks, analyze customer data and behavior, and generate personalized content and recommendations. Leveraging AI technologies can provide companies with a competitive edge by delivering superior outcomes and streamlining marketing efforts. If you're intimidated or unsure how to get started with AI, don't worry. Here's your beginner's guide to integrating AI into your strategy. (Read More...)
  • Fuel for Thought: Commercial Vehicle Business Owners Need a Roadmap for Success

    April 4, 2023  - Commercial Vehicle
    Map with blue pins and blue string marking routes on roadmap to success
    The frequency and intensity of challenges faced by those in the commercial vehicle industry have been increasing dramatically over the last three years. Surprises introduced by the Covid pandemic, supply chain disruptions, hikes in the cost of fuel, and the passage of a massive infrastructure bill contribute to an unpredictable environment that has made forecasting future business more difficult and extremely critical. (Read More...)
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