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Financing the Sweet Smell of Success (One Bakery at a Time)

October 22, 2018  - Customer ReviewsRestaurant
header image of John Kraus in front of his bakery Patisserie 46

When was the last time you stopped into your local bakery or patisserie and thought about anything but the coffee you crave or the incredible scents of the sweets on display? There’s a lot of expensive machinery that goes into running a high-end bakery from coffee and cappuccino makers to commercial grade ovens and mixers and other specialty equipment. With this expensive equipment, and the cost of potential replacements or expansion upgrades, a baker could get burnt without the right financing connection.

John Kraus, owner of Patisserie 46 and multiple Rose Street Patisserie locations, has built his business on one simple concept passed down from his father: “if you are not growing, you’re dying”. Working with the right financing partner that can jump in and roll up their sleeves for fast access to dough is just what John kneaded for his business expansion.


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As restaurants stats painfully point out, opening a restaurant is a risky business proposition to say the least. Over the last five years, however, the bakery café sub-segment has performed the best in the food service category at 3.4 percent. But the rise and fall of a bakery can be partially controlled with access to capital, investing in commercial equipment to deliver the best and most consistent products, and the ability to properly cost products to assure profits.

John has been an entrepreneur since 1991 and understands that cash flow is essential. Not just for payroll and accounts payable needs, which are crucial, but for investments into the standalone business or to open a new shop. Entrepreneur Magazine pegged bakery startup costs at $10,000 - $50,000 so having access to capital for investments in your business instead of draining working capital is key.

Text of quote from John Kraus stating Ascentium Capital always there for them and he has a huge level of respect

Forward thinking bakery owners like John Kraus build their businesses and can expand locations by making the right investments at the right time. When John was ready to open Rose Street Patisserie, he already had received financing from Ascentium and approached them again for his business growth needs.

Text of quote from John Kraus saying Ascentium always makes financing happen easily for them

Big food chains have easier access to capital but small businesses, mom and pop style bakeries or multi-store sites should make sure they have the right ingredients for success – and that includes working with a lender that is as agile as the small businesses they serve. Turning to a small business lender that wants to partner with you offers the right ingredients for sweet success.


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