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Ascentium Capital Customer Reviews

Our customers are our primary focus, in everything we do! See what they have to say:

Since opening our doors in 2011 to provide flexible equipment financing and working capital loans to businesses, we've had a lot of satisfied clients.

From restaurants to medical facilities, from financing a commercial fleet upgrade to LED lighting conversions, Ascentium has made acquiring business-critical equipment and upgrades quick, easy, and affordable, and helped manufacturers close more sales with convenient financing options for their customers.

Here are a few highlights of successful equipment financing projects we've been involved in.

Jalapeno-InfernoRestaurant Financing to Build a New Location

When renowned chef Terry Craig and his wife Laura looked to expand their restaurant to a new location—during the COVID-19 pandemic—they turned to Ascentium Capital to help with financing for the latest & greatest kitchen technologies.

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DRB-SystemsCar Wash Equipment Manufacturer Helps Their Clients Expand

DRB Systems, Inc has been helping car wash operators across the United States with point-of-sale solutions that touch every part of car wash operations since 1984. They teamed up with Ascentium Capital to offer financing solutions to their customer base, ensuring their car wash clients could cost-effectively keep their systems up to date.

Discover How Customer Financing Solutions Enable Supplier Growth


MRI-ConsultingExpanding the Reach of MRI Services

With changes in the healthcare industry impacting the way MRI Consulting was paid, they needed a business loan to cover a gap. When unforeseen circumstances prevented a traditional bank loan, Ascentium Capital was able to step in to quickly approve loans in a matter of days, so MRI Consulting could continue to focus on providing patient care, comfort and quality imaging.

Learn How Business Loans Helped MRI Consulting Bridge Receivables


Selling-SimplifiedImproving Infrastructure to Stay Ahead of the Competition

When companies want to ramp up their demand generation and customer engagement, they turn to Selling Simplified to make life easier. To ensure their demand generation solutions remain cutting edge & efficient, Selling Simplified turned to Ascentium Capital to make sure their infrastructure kept information flowing.

Read About Selling Simplified's Infrastructure Upgrades


Independence-Villages Saving Energy through LED Conversion

Senior care facilities typically have high operating costs relating to quality programs, dining experiences and other high-end care services. Opportunities to cut costs without reducing quality of service are win-win. When Independence Villages discovered they could save money and improve their lighting, Ascentium Capital was able to help them fund the conversion to energy-efficient LED.

Learn How LED Lighting Upgrades Improved Client Experience for Independence Village


Carwash-Tower Car Wash Business that Towers Above Competition

Transitioning from the banking industry to fulfill his entrepreneurial dream, Robert Powell knew he would need a lender that understood his business and could work quickly. The upgrades he’s made with funding from Ascentium Capital allow him to process cars faster, and expand into protection, enhancement and paint restoration services for boats, RVs and motorcycles as well.

Discover How Tower Car Wash Improved Efficiencies with Financing

At Ascentium Capital, we're creating the ultimate customer experience.

We strive for opportunity, for growth, and for progress. For more information about how Ascentium Capital can help your company with affordable financing programs, click here to fill out our short form to speak with a finance manager.

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