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A Premiere Senior Living Facility Saves Energy through LED Conversion

March 19, 2018  - Customer Reviews
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When a loved one grows older and would benefit from an independent living, assisted living or memory care facility, many families look for the best senior housing environment that they can afford while meeting their care requirements. These types of settings have changed a lot over the years to offer comfortable surroundings for their residents. In Michigan, Ohio, or Indiana, families over the last 35 years have looked to the premiere facilities owned and operated by Independence Village or their sister company, StoryPoint.

As one can imagine, these facilities have high overhead costs for personalized care, individual living facilities, quality programs, dining experiences and other high-end care and services. One of the ways Independence Village and Story Point significantly reduced their overhead costs is through LED lighting conversions.

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image with text of quote from Michael McClear of Be-Energy Solutions describing a comprehensive energy audit done to determine potential savings of LED conversion

For facilities of these sizes, this is more than just switching out a few lightbulbs. It means working with a trusted advisor  to understand energy consumption and develop a plan that will lower energy costs, reduce maintenance, and proactively support the environment. This is exactly what Independence Village and StoryPoint set out to do when they reached out to Be-Energy Solutions.

Be-Energy performed an audit at ten of the Independence Village and StoryPoint facilities and created an energy improvement program. Once they understood the potential savings, plus the overall improvements for their senior residents, Independence Village and Story Point decided to move forward. To do so, they approached Michigan SavesSM for the energy saving incentives and were connected with Ascentium Capital to finance their initiative.

image with text of quote from Keith Stark of Independence Village describing 300 thousand annual cost savings from LED conversion initiative

With Independence Village being pioneers in their field, it only made sense that they would be a leader in environmental and health-friendly energy areas. The nature of LED lights is far superior for senior living facilities – offering better lighting for visual acuity, fewer headaches that many incur from fluorescent, better overall moods and sleep habits. By retrofitting their common areas throughout the residences, they were able to improve the comfort, care and health benefits for their senior residents. And, doing so with experts like Be-Energy and Ascentium Capital that have worked together for years, made the entire lighting conversion process that much easier.

image with text of quote describing the great service and easy process of working with Ascentium Capital and Be-Energy Solutions


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