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  • Energizing Partnerships Lead to Powerful Financing Options

    November 6, 2017  - About AscentiumCustomer Reviews
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    When you think of business financing and leasing relationships, most times there is an assumed one-to-one association between the business and the financing company. There are, however, more complex business partnerships that require financing alternatives. As a lender in this multi-party relationship, being able to provide fast and effective cash flow solutions through quoting tools and other technology enhances these important partnerships. (Read More...)
  • Ascentium Capital Named #3 Top Private Independent Finance Company

    With 56% growth in new business volume year-over-year, Ascentium Capital has been named the #3 Top Private Independent Finance Company in 2015 by Monitor, a leading equipment finance industry publication. (Read More...)
  • New Year, New Blog

    January 4, 2016  - About Ascentium
    Funding over $1.5 Billion in capital through innovative equipment finance solutions since 2011, Ascentium Capital has helped companies across the nation acquire the equipment and technology needed to meet their financial goals. Driving innovation and the streamlined finance platform, is our management team that has worked together for over 25 years throughout their careers. (Read More...)
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