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  • Hospitality Furniture Manufacturer Sets Sales Records & Saves U.S. Jobs with 0% Interest Financing

    Paul Mougel of Dickson Furniture
    Dickson Furniture Manufacturers, based in Houston, TX, has been providing unmatched expertise in furniture and case goods manufacturing for the hospitality industry for over 45 years. In 2020, industry supply chain issues, mandated shutdowns, and cash flow challenges disrupted operations for this traditionally ‘cash in advance' business. Read how an Ascentium Capital financing solution helped Dickson set records, save jobs and change the way hotels buy furniture. (Read More...)
  • How Your Credit Score Impacts Business Financing Options

    December 2, 2022  - Tips for Small Business
    image of gold dollar sign among gray dollar signs
    Whenever business owners are applying for financing, their credit scores are examined. This may include your personal credit score as well as your business credit score. But how exactly do your personal and business credit scores impact your business financing options? Let’s find out. (Read More...)
  • How to Prepare Your Business for a Possible Recession

    November 22, 2022  - Tips for Small Business
    puzzle piece saying be prepared
    Facing a possible recession can be scary, especially for small and mid-sized businesses. While the factors involved in a recession are often out of our hands, there are practical steps we can take to prepare. From creating a strategy to identifying financing options, these four tips will help recession-proof your business. (Read More...)
  • QSRs are Smokin’ Hot in 2022 and Beyond

    November 7, 2022  - Restaurant
    picture of foods you could get at fast food restaurants
    For Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) owners, things didn’t look so good in 2020. Now, over halfway through 2022, QSRs are shaking and baking while many industries continue to struggle. Through the pandemic, QSRs were clearly essential as drive through lines wound through neighborhood streets. With hungry mouths to feed, successful operators take pride in filling a need and working tirelessly to offer the food and convenience consumers crave. (Read More...)
  • Women in Construction: The Sky is the Limit for This Latina Business Owner

    October 27, 2022  - Tips for Small Business
    Photo of Myriam Sanchez owner of Sky Crane posing with a crane
    Approximately 1.2 million women are employed in the male-dominated U.S. construction industry. As their numbers grow, women are trail-blazing their way to various roles in management, including ownership. Myriam Sanchez, Owner of Sky Crane, shares her journey as a successful Latina businesswoman in the crane industry. (Read More...)
  • Inspirational Women: Wisdom from the Boss Lady Behind Two Generations of Success

    October 24, 2022  - Tips for Small Business
    Picture of Ahearn Equipment location
    You may have heard the saying that behind every strong man is an even stronger woman. Well, that may hold true with the power couple behind the ongoing success of Ahearn Equipment. In 1977, Ahearn Equipment was established by Tim and Donna Ahearn in their back yard in rural North Brookfield, MA. The business began as a mobile repair service on a farm and has gone through a series of expansions. Ahearn Equipment has now passed to the second generation and is owned and run by Donna’s two sons who opened a second dealership in 2021 located in Hudson, NH. Although she is no longer at the helm, Donna made her mark on the business and laid a solid foundation for the future. (Read More...)
  • Women that Mean Business: Insight from a Leading Lady that Continues to Crush the Glass Ceiling

    October 18, 2022  - Tips for Small Business
    Photo of Angela Hillebrand Vice President Operations and Quality Control for Ascentium Capital
    If you are a woman in business, you won't be surprised to learn that gender stereotyping prevents many female employees from advancing to the C-suite. You’ve likely heard of the “Glass Ceiling”—well, some women are breaking through invisible boundaries that were once perceived as impossible. Successful women entrepreneurs, executives, and managers are leading with unique qualifications, not their gender. There are many lessons to be learned from the challenges and triumphs of women. We’d like to recognize and celebrate one of our own leading ladies. (Read More...)
  • Small Business Challenges for Women & How to Solve Them

    business woman looking thoughtful while gazing out window
    When it comes to business, women are regularly breaking new ground. According to the US Small Business Administration (SBA), women-led businesses employed over 10 million workers and accumulated $1.8 trillion in receipts in 2019. Despite this number, women made up only 20% of employer firms. One of the biggest challenges women face is acquiring loans for their small businesses. (Read More...)
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