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Selling Simplified’s CFO demands more from technology financing, and Ascentium delivers

Image of Selling Simplified CFO with text that reads Selling Simplified's CFO demands more from technology financing

When companies want to ramp up their demand generation and customer engagement, they are often left trying to sift through mountains of data, work on cumbersome spreadsheets or manually input data. Even with advanced analysis and understanding of the customer, it's hard work and sometimes lacks the magic needed to convert into results. Lack of resources such as time, budget and quality leads remains the biggest obstacle to successful lead generation efforts for B2B marketers.

Companies can instead turn to B2B demand generation services and tools to make their work “simple”. Selling Simplified offers those services and tools for deeper customer engagement – but to continue delivering their quality demand generation solutions, they must continually invest in their own infrastructure for growth. When Selling Simplified needed simplified financing, they turned to Ascentium Capital.

quote text we wouldn't have been able to grow at the rate we've grown over the last two years with Ascentium Capital

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A company's healthy cash flow is key, so when it comes time to invest in the company's technology infrastructure to address growth opportunities, making smart decisions becomes critical for long term financial health. The industry is crowded – so companies that provide these tools and services need to remain on the cutting edge. Investing in hardware such as switches, routers and servers to keep ahead of the massive data requirements – while keeping an eye on capital expense costs and financial metrics – keeps Selling Simplified ahead of the competition.

quote text I am always looking at opportunities to improve our cash flow and we need to be able to move quickly...Ascentium Capital has allowed me to do that

Investing in the software required to run millions of records is a major financial cost to consider when growing and expanding the global demand and generation platform. As Karen Phillips points out, “Two things come to mind when I think about Ascentium Capital. One is the speed with which I can get an answer. The second is the great rate that they give me.” Working with a specialized lender that can be as quick and nimble as the companies they serve, and at rates that allow a business to continue to grow and not be overly burdened, makes for a good partnership.

text of quote I have worked with other financing companies in the past and the experience has always been painful. Ascentium Capital has been completely different.


Ascentium Capital can provide the financial power your business needs to kick your demand generation initiatives into high gear. With fast, flexible financing on technology, equipment software and aaS solutions, we can build a financing package that serves your unique business goals.

Contact us today to learn more about our technology and software financing programs.

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