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  • Strong Relationships and Fast Access to Financing Drive Growth for this Woman-Led Towing Company

    photo of Kris Zachary owner of Burns Towing and her two sons Drew and Trevor
    Eight years ago, Ascentium Capital believed in Burns Towing, providing financing that helped rebuild both her business and credit. Kris was able to catch up on balances and acquire a new tow truck. She shared her story with us back then in her first video testimonial. “Ascentium is one of those companies that took the leap of faith with me and gave me a chance to prove myself.” Kris Zachary—President & Owner, Burns Towing, Inc. Now, nearly a decade later, Kris sits with us again to discuss how her business has grown into new avenues and the part Ascentium Capital has played in her continued success. (Read More...)
  • Fuel for Thought: Commercial Vehicle Business Owners Need a Roadmap for Success

    April 4, 2023  - Commercial Vehicle
    Map with blue pins and blue string marking routes on roadmap to success
    The frequency and intensity of challenges faced by those in the commercial vehicle industry have been increasing dramatically over the last three years. Surprises introduced by the Covid pandemic, supply chain disruptions, hikes in the cost of fuel, and the passage of a massive infrastructure bill contribute to an unpredictable environment that has made forecasting future business more difficult and extremely critical. (Read More...)
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