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  • 2019 State of the Business Equipment Financing & Leasing Industry

    image of businessman hand with pen reviewing charts and reports
    The Equipment Financing and Leasing Industry is a $1 trillion-dollar industry, with approximately 60% of leased and purchased equipment in the United States funded by the equipment financing and leasing industry. Over the past few years, there has been significant growth in this financing sector. Uptrends are expected to continue in 2019, though 2018 was considered a banner year with greater advancement than is expected to be seen in 2019. (Read More...)
  • 6 Best Practices for Creating Powerful Video Testimonials

    March 4, 2019  - Tips for Small Business
    image of business people being interviewed on camera
    Did you know research conducted by Microsoft showed the average person has an attention span of eight seconds, which is on par with a goldfish? Or, to be more precise, the goldfish beats us by one full second according to Statistic Brain. And although the statistic may seem a bit fishy, content in this digital age is being condensed into more digestible snippets and being offered in more visually appealing and memorable ways . . . such as video. (Read More...)
  • Appreciating the Section 179 Depreciation

    February 25, 2019  - Tips for Small Business
    calendar image with post-it note and handwritten reminder to file tax return
    The first quarter of the new year… besides cool weather and new opportunities, we analyze our 2018 income or revenue to prepare for tax returns. As a small business, one area for tax savings you may benefit from is Section 179. Section 179 is a tax incentive that lets eligible small business owners accelerate deductions on equipment and assets they purchase for their business or immediately expense the cost of qualifying property—rather than recovering such costs through depreciation deductions. (Read More...)
  • Car Wash Equipment Manufacturers & Operators Shine with Simple Financing

    February 11, 2019  - Car WashCustomer Reviews
    Image of Todd Davy from DRB systems inc with blog title overlaid
    DRB Systems (DRB), a leading provider of technology-enabled devices and software solutions for the car wash industry headquartered in Ohio, has taken that notion of helping each other by teaming up with Ascentium Capital to offer financing for car wash operators and owners. This has enabled DRB and their car wash clients to reach a new level of success, and it pays off for both. (Read More...)
  • Selling Simplified’s CFO demands more from technology financing, and Ascentium delivers

    Image of Selling Simplified CFO with text that reads Selling Simplified's CFO demands more from technology financing
    Karen Phillips, CFO of Selling Simplified in Denver, CO, explains how Ascentium’s technology financing helped them automate and streamline operations to stay ahead of competition and provide customers with the best data possible. Selling Simplified has been able to strengthen their technology infrastructure through financing servers, software, licenses and other technology items. (Read More...)
  • Trade Show Booth Location Selection

    December 10, 2018  - Tips for Small Business
    image showing trade show floor all in white with one booth highlighted in orange to show placement of booth
    In our last post we walked you through the steps for selecting the trade show events that are the best fit for your company's goals. Now we'll discuss key considerations and best practices for choosing booth locations. Trade show events provide sales opportunities, but it is the physical location of the booth at the show that enhances visibility, booth traffic and return on investment for your business. For your customers to experience your trade show booth, they must be able to find you. (Read More...)
  • A Guide to Trade Show Event Selection

    November 27, 2018  - Tips for Small Business
    image of people walking inside the lobby of a trade show event
    Trade shows provide the opportunity for small and large businesses to increase the visibility of their products, services and brands to current and potential customers. When considering options to increase your company's exposure and showcase products, there are two important aspects to trade show selection. This two-part blog post will highlight key considerations and best practices for selecting the shows to exhibit and selecting the location of your booth at the shows. (Read More...)
  • Convenience Store Owners—At the Pump Promotion to Keep Profits Flowing

    November 5, 2018  - C-store & Gas Stations
    image of man with gas pump and dollar sign coming out of pump nozzle
    Since margins on fuel sales can be small, it's vital that c-store operators get those customers to go in-store to make purchases. Programs to convert gas-only customers into gas-plus customers can be as simple as increased signage at the pump. Bright LED lighting makes a business stand out and appear safer, which can entice consumers to pull into your store over other options. (Read More...)
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