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  • State of Small Business – Optimism on Economy Remains Strong

    April 16, 2018  -
    image of spreadsheet with charts showing improvement with a magnifying glass over it
    As we head into April, we wanted to reflect on 2017 and the roller coaster ride many experienced during first quarter of 2018. They say March enters as a lion and exits as a lamb. This March may have been turned on its head. (Read More...)
  • Growing Your Franchise with Financing

    April 9, 2018  - Franchise Financing
    Image of green highway sign reading growth straight ahead
    One of the most critical decisions a franchise owner can make, is selecting the method of funding for your business. With many funding options available for franchise operators, it is important to understand pros and cons before committing to a financing plan of action. We will examine several funding sources and cover the key points to consider. The financing you select can have a substantial impact on the overall health and success of your business. You should always consult your accountant or tax advisor before making a final decision. (Read More...)
  • 4 Keys to Sustainability Leadership

    April 2, 2018  - Tips for Small Business
    paper cut-out of gears in a circle held by two hands on a green grassy background denoting environmentally friendly practices
    In every era, certain organizations are considered industry leaders. However, the set of criteria that earns that distinction and defines leadership evolves over time, ranging from operational and R&D excellence, to new product development, or a focus on core competencies. Then the focus around the ability to innovate. The bar has again been raised and most recently the foundation of business leadership has shifted to a concept that encompasses the best practices from all these antecedents: corporate sustainability. (Read More...)
  • Top 7 Press Release Content Ideas to Keep at Your Fingertips

    March 26, 2018  - Tips for Small Business
    image of the word why with icon symbols about news and press releases
    We’ve all been there - facing the dreaded writer’s block. You sit down in front of your computer screen with a cup of coffee and your marketing hat on and . . . nothing. The next time you find yourself needing inspiration for a newsworthy press release topic, refer to these seven content ideas to get the ideas flowing and keyboard clicking. (Read More...)
  • A Premiere Senior Living Facility Saves Energy through LED Conversion

    March 19, 2018  - Customer Reviews
    picture of man sitting at desk with text describing that this is an independence village customer profile
    Thanks to LED lighting conversions financed by Ascentium Capital, residents at Independence Village & StoryPoint’s 10 senior living facilities enjoy brighter days and the company saves $300,000 in energy costs annually. Ascentium Capital, Be-Energy Solutions, and Michigan Saves teamed up to ensure the 10-facility conversion was a success. They delivered a solution that required a minimal outlay of cash and provided immediate savings in utility costs. After successfully completing the project, the benefits and cost savings of the LED lighting conversion were confirmed through a measurement verification study. (Read More...)
  • Small Business Growth in the Year of Tax Reform

    image of the word reform with us dollars as the background
    As 2017 came to an end, one thing was certain: we have tax reform. There were many gives and takes before we had the final bill pass and this left individuals and corporate America scrambling to figure out what the new tax laws mean and what they could do to maximize their tax benefits for 2017 filings. (Read More...)
  • Environmental Sustainability Framework

    March 7, 2018  - Tips for Small Business
    illustration of city skyscape with environmental sustainability framework words vision principles important issues commitment and scope objectives and reporting overlaid
    It can be wise to run your business in a lasting and responsible way—to position it to take advantage of opportunities, benefit financially and leave behind a positive legacy. In developing an environmental sustainability policy, you must first look at your own operations and evaluate your ecological footprint. (Read More...)
  • Why Does My Small Business Need an Environmental Sustainability Policy?

    December 4, 2017  - Tips for Small Business
    Business man looking at venn diagram with sustainability benefits
    While many companies are avoiding developing sustainability policies, a select group are responding to the need for urgent action. One might think this is a concern for Fortune 500 companies and ask, why does my small business need an environmental sustainability policy? Environmental sustainability has become an essential component of 21st century business operations. (Read More...)
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