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  • Best Practices for Effective Tradeshows

    August 14, 2017  - Tips for Small Business
    Best Practices for Effective Tradeshows
    Sending company personnel to exhibit at a trade show is typically an expensive endeavor* considering booth cost, travel expenses, promotion, show services, etc. To achieve a positive return on investment, SMBs should take time to plan objectives and ensure attendees are armed with best practices. You can start your implementation of trade show best practices by identifying your show goals and developing the brand message to share with the visitors to your trade show booth. It is important to provide every visitor with a positive experience so that they leave the booth with a good impression and know what service or product your company offers. This can be achieved by professionally and politely communicating your message with as many qualified visitors as possible. (Read More...)
  • A Brighter Future for Binson’s Medical Equipment & Supplies with New LED Lighting

    A Brighter Future for Binson's Medical Equipment & Supplies with LED Financing
    Binson's locations were still using fluorescent lighting. Not only was low fluorescent lighting a challenge for seeing properly and scanning barcodes, but it did not showcase their products very well. In addition, fluorescent lighting did not offer the cost efficiencies of LED technology. With the number of locations, and sizes of the warehouses and retail spaces, making a dramatic change over to LED in a low margin business was looking cost prohibitive – until they found Ascentium Capital. (Read More...)
  • Small Business Series: The Anatomy of a Press Release

    July 31, 2017  - Tips for Small Business
    5 Ws and 1 H of Press Releases
    Small business executives wear many hats. Often, when a company is just starting off, the roles can be blurred and some necessary functions can be overlooked or even avoided. Growing your business requires marketing to get it off the ground. With 63% of marketers stating that their top challenge is generating traffic and leads, according to State of Inbound, small businesses should not overlook one crucial item in their tool box: The Press Release. (Read More...)
  • 5 Hot Strategies to Keep Your SMB Top of Mind This Summer

    June 26, 2017  - Tips for Small Business
    Strategies to Keep Your Business Top Of Mind This Summer
    Summertime, and the living is easy . . . unless you are a small to mid-sized business (SMB) owner. If that is the case, instead of relaxing on a deck and enjoying the weather with a tall cold drink, you may be strategizing tactics to stay top of mind with your customers now that summer has officially begun. (Read More...)
  • Planting the Seeds for Landscape Equipment Financing

    Landscape Equipment financing from Ascentium Capital
    For landscape architects, designers and related fields such as masons, lawn irrigation companies, and arborists, the Green Industry has officially entered the busy season. Your small to medium sized business (SMB) growth may rely on these large design projects, however, completing within a shorter window of time puts stress on your company. It requires a company to scale its work force, battle weather constraints, and select the right projects for your team and resources. (Read More...)
  • Connecting with Customers: How to Improve Your Software Sales

    Let’s face it, every B2B customer sales transaction is just a little different. A good sales team is skilled at reading the customer, understanding their needs and the problem they are trying to solve, as well as communicating how your software or service is what they need – and need immediately. Connecting with your customers is vitally important for not only making that first sale, but up-selling and cross-selling opportunities, and ultimately, ensuring a long-term customer relationship. (Read More...)
  • 8 Video Tools to Help Animate Your Marketing Efforts

    Since the first silent film around 1891, followed by “talkies” in 1927 when The Jazz Singer was produced, people have loved moving pictures and animation. It engages them on a whole new level when they can see the action, and hear voices and noises. So, it’s no wonder that the introduction of video as a corporate marketing tool in social media and on corporate websites is not only accepted but helps your business come alive. (Read More...)
  • Capturing Your Customers Attention with Video Marketing

    April 10, 2017  - Tips for Small Business
    Capture Customers with Video Marketing
    In the age of omni-channel communications and a diverse number of social networks, you customers are inundated with information all day...every day. They work with many brands and are targeted by many others. How do you keep top of mind with your customer, deliver valuable information, or attract new customers without being lost in the digital overload? Video marketing could be just what you need to cut through the digital noise and capture customer attention. (Read More...)
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