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Flexible Financing Provides a Smooth Ride for this Amusements Manufacturer

April 5, 2024  - Customer ReviewsIndustrial
Photo of Mike Whincup standing in front of Galaxy Multi Rides facility

When Robin Whincup started renting bounce castles for parties and events in 1985 in England, he didn’t imagine that 30+ years later his business would have expanded across the Atlantic and become one of the largest inflatable amusements manufacturers in the world. The genesis for this tremendous growth came in 1989, when Robin modified his popular surf simulator with a spin motor, allowing it to be used with a mechanical rodeo bull or any interchanging topper they could imagine. With that, Galaxy Multi Rides—and the Multi Ride system they are now famous for—was born!

Since 2008, the majority of their manufacturing has moved to Port Charlotte, FL and this family-owned business continues to thrive.

Attractions pumped up by innovation

While Galaxy Multi Rides gained great notoriety for manufacturing their multi ride system which now boasts over 60 different ride attachments, they have not rested on their laurels. An innovative spirit is core to their culture and Robin's son, Mike Whincup, has taken up the reigns leading marketing and product design.

Under Mike’s leadership, Galaxy’s expansive product mix added action games like Toxic Meltdown and KAPOW to the world’s first portable modular obstacle course, positioning Galaxy Multi Rides at the forefront of their industry.

Overcoming obstacles to find shared success

With a significant portion of their business being driven by custom installations, Mike needed to find ways to simplify the buying process for Galaxy’s clients. One of the biggest hurdles was payment. Offering an efficient customer financing program was critical to the company's growth.

That's where Ascentium Capital came in, providing solutions that made the sales process quick and easy.  The relationship has proven to be a win-win for both Galaxy Multi Rides and their customers.

“The financing programs that we offer through Ascentium Capital help our customers not only grow their businesses but upgrade their equipment to offer their guests a better experience.” Mike Whincup, VP Galaxy Multi Rides

Ascentium’s efficient process and flexible solutions have really made a difference in Galaxy’s value proposition to its customers. Whether it is financing for a $5,000 bounce house or $200,000+ inflatable park, Ascentium has been able to customize programs to fit each customer's unique needs.

“Being a manufacturer, we’ve worked with many different finance partners. The reason that we’ve stuck with Ascentium Capital for as long as we have is the frictionless experience of dealing with the staff there and the programs that they offer.”

Jumping ahead of the competition

Innovation remains at the forefront for Mike, Robin and the team at Galaxy Multi Rides. In 2023, they announced a new franchise business, with an aggressive goal to open 200 locations throughout 2024. Whether innovating on the product front, the sales process, or their business model, Galaxy is ahead of its competitors. Ascentium Capital is happy to be along for the ride supporting this trailblazer’s growth.

“I've worked with Galay for over ten years, supporting them through their evolution. In that time, we’ve developed innovative financing offers that helped their customers acquire the products they need while effectively managing their cash flow.” Said Craig Colling, Ascentium Capital’s Vendor Channel Leader. “We make a great team!”


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