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Trade Show Booth Location Selection

December 10, 2018  - Tips for Small Business
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In our last post we walked you through the steps for selecting the trade show events that are the best fit for your company's goals. Now we'll discuss key considerations and best practices for choosing booth locations. Trade show events provide sales opportunities, but it is the physical location of the booth at the show that enhances visibility, booth traffic and return on investment for your business. For your customers to experience your trade show booth, they must be able to find you.

Part 2: Selection of Trade Show Booth Location

There are two methods of booth assignment:

  1. Direct selection as part of the application process
  2. Assignment by show management

When assigning booth space, show management first determines placement for exhibitors who have attended in the past. New exhibitors then select from, or are assigned to, the spaces that remain. Booth size also plays a key part in this process as there may be limited space available for larger exhibits.

Some small regional shows that are sponsored by an industry trade association or a specific event for a business entity, assign the booth location after you have registered. It can be very helpful when submitting the application to make a phone call or send a personal email to the show organizer to ask for a specific placement stating reasons for your request:

  • Location by a specific customer or vendor who is also exhibiting
  • Same booth location as the prior year
  • Avoid placement by a competitor
  • Tell them you are a new exhibitor evaluating the benefit of the opportunity to exhibit

When selecting a booth as part of the application process, ask questions of the show manager before you complete the formal online or paperwork registration:

What are the main traffic patterns and flow at the show?

Are there multiple show halls? Which would provide the best visibility?

Ask where other exhibitors are located with whom you share a sales partnership.

Booth space on a main aisle will be positioned for greater traffic flow and visibility. Locations near the educational offerings, show service desks, lounges, rest rooms, bar setups and food areas draw greater foot traffic. Don't discount perimeter booth spaces at the start or end of high traffic aisles.

The exhibit hall's architecture may have an impact as well. Take notice on the floor map of obstructed areas with pillars and separation walls. Choose booth space with line of sight locations. Auxiliary booth placements in some of the smaller halls might have a lower ceiling height and, being away from the main traffic flow may cut down on touch points and visibility with attendees and potential customers.

Trade Show BoothOne best practice for booth selection is the “V” plan. Print the floor map and draw straight lines to the left and right corners of the show hall to from each entrance doors thus creating a triangle. Select booth space that falls within this section. These show hall spaces have a high demand due to the good visibility and high traffic potential. Consider the location of your business partners to position your exhibit space for shared partnership advantages, all the while being aware of the location of your competitors.

If you are not able to secure your ideal location, don't worry.Prime booth spaces may be available later in the selection process if other exhibitors to cancel their reservation or move locations. This is a time when your pre-established relationship with the show organizer will be beneficial as they may already know that you're interested in moving.

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No matter where you end up on the trade show floor, Ascentium Capital is interested in working with you to build an unforgettable experience for your customers by offering customized solutions to finance your products.

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About our Guest Author:

Christine Kimball, Vice President of Marketing at Ascentium Capital. Christine has 14 years of experience in trade show exhibiting and corporate event planning.

The mention of or links to third-party information, services, products, or providers does not imply endorsement or support by Ascentium Capital. Individual research should be done before use of any product, process or service mentioned.
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