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  • Bank Versus Lease Financing: 3 Things to Know

    March 15, 2016  - Equipment Financing
    In any small to mid-sized business (SMB), there comes a time when your company hits a growth ceiling, decides to expand, or needs to make decisions on equipment or capital improvements. This can be an exciting time for a business, as well as confusing. Most small businesses concentrate on what they do well, and exploring financing options is not a critical priority. One of the first questions SMBs will be faced with when looking to finance equipment is whether to go to their bank or explore alternative lease financing. (Read More...)
  • Lease 101: Understanding the business advantages

    January 26, 2016  - Equipment Financing
    Small to Medium-sized Businesses (SMB) are in an interesting time of innovation and technology, but can face a myriad of challenges to keep up with growth and address the changing needs of their customers. Businesses are finding new ways to overcome obstacles to invest in their company’s growth, and equipment financing and leasing options are an area that growing businesses are exploring. (Read More...)
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