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5 Free Ways to Market Your Small Business

May 18, 2020  - Tips for Small Business
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Implementing your marketing strategies shouldn’t cause you stress because there are plenty of free and easy ways to promote your small business. Small business owners can take advantage of creative yet affordable ways to marketing their businesses - so let your imagination flow and start using these 5 free resources that are right at your fingertips:

1. Spread the word through social media

Social media platforms enable you to quickly communicate to your customers, prospects and community, using formats such as video, imagery, written content and more. Small business owners are using social media to network and help stay top of mind and boost their businesses into the limelight to help promote growth.

So, how can you get the most out of your company’s social media accounts?

  • Get connected. While there are a multitude of social media platforms to choose from, some of the most popular social sites are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube. All of these platforms are free to sign-up on, require little experience to get started and can almost instantly put you in front of your preferred audience.
  • Start sharing. Whether you want to promote a new product to your existing customers, bring in new customers with a sale, invite people to the event you’re hosting or attending or even just want to say hello – social media has got you covered.

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2. Work your network of other SMB owners

Cross-promoting with another business in a similar industry or with compatible offerings can help put you in front of new customers that you otherwise may not have had the chance to communicate with. Cross-promoting could include:

  • Advertising on each other's websites
  • Promoting each other on social media or through email
  • Placing printed promotional pieces in or around each other's businesses
  • Sharing space in already-purchased advertisements
  • Creating joint offers or special offers for each other’s customers

Not only is cross-promoting an effective way to get your business in front of new customers, it’s a great way to help a fellow business in an industry or community which you both share a passion. Building meaningful relationships in your industry regardless of whether it’s online or face-to-face is crucial for the success of any small business.

3. Share your talent or expertise via webinar or virtual events

Most small business owners will try several new methods of marketing if it means garnering more business. Getting involved in virtual industry or community events or offering your services via webinar allows:

  • Stronger relationships to develop with partners, potential and current clients
  • Increased brand awareness and co-promotion opportunities
  • Reaching audiences that may be distant or unable to attend in-person events
  • Extreme flexibility—you can host a webinar from virtually anywhere with the proper technology
  • Live demonstrations of a product, service and more

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If you are participating in a virtual conference, know how the organizer will be promoting the event and request branding and access to registrant lists so that you can amplify the message in your own marketing. Share your involvement on your social channels and more.

When hosting your own webinar, choose a date and time that is convenient for both you and your audience. Consider inviting someone from your network to co-present and add additional value. Most webinar platforms allow attendees to easily add your webinar to their calendar and set reminders for the event, but you’ll want to send regular reminders prior to the event to improve attendance. You can also record your webinar and make the slides and audio available to registrants or even a wider audience afterwards to extend the marketing benefit.

4. Promote your small business via podcast

If you're not one for giving in-person presentations, consider starting a podcast. Small businesses have used audio marketing for over 20 years, although the term podcasting wasn't coined until 2004.

Podcasting is great for small businesses because:

  • Everything is done behind the scenes and you don’t have to be in front of crowds or video cameras if you don’t want
  • Small business owners can easily access and utilize a wide variety of free podcasting software online
  • Getting setup is easy and convenient—you can build a small studio at home or work and you don’t need expensive equipment
  • You can reach a wide audience at once

Like the other platforms we’ve discussed, podcasting makes it easy to advertise your business and provides another channel for cross-promotion. You can create quick, targeted ads or longer-form conversations with your peers.

5. Go the classic route and use a press release

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If well written, a press-release can be an exceptional means for getting your small business noticed in and around your community and throughout your industry. Though there are many guidelines that need to be followed when constructing a press-release, the publicity could help build trust and give your small business a boost.

To get the lift that you need from your press release, remember these quick tips:

  • Post your press release on one of the free publishing sites available
  • Share it on your company website and social media accounts
  • If you’ve developed a list of influencers in your industry, share with that list
  • Encourage your employees to share with their own networks
  • Mention it at speaking engagements or on your podcast

Your small business is surrounded by free and exciting marketing solutions. With a little research, a plan and a clear vision your business can start growing today at no cost other than a little hard work.


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