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Top 7 Press Release Content Ideas to Keep at Your Fingertips

March 26, 2018  - Tips for Small Business
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Recently on our blog we have been exploring how to develop a press release: formatting, targeting, timing and distribution. But let’s face it—content is king.

The majority of the time, when a small to medium sized business (SMB) looks to issue a press release, typical topics may include:

  • New store opening
  • Quarterly earnings
  • Customer acquisitions
  • Product launch
  • Change in leadership

There are other times, however, when you want to get press on your company but don’t have any standard updates to share. That’s when you need to be creative—yet still newsworthy. Think about what can be shared that would generate interest, bring in new customers and increase sales.

We’ve all been there - facing the dreaded writer’s block. You sit down in front of your computer screen with a cup of coffee and your marketing hat on and . . . nothing. The next time you find yourself needing inspiration for a newsworthy press release topic, refer to these seven content ideas to get inspiration and keyboard clicking:

  1. Fundraising: Are you raising money for your business? Think no one else will care? Think again. Entrepreneurship, small businesses, venture capital funding and crowdfunding campaigns are all hot topics that people want to hear about. If you’ve recently added investors or closed a new round, raised capital to expand your business, or launched a Kickstarter or crowdsourcing campaign, share the news and where you will use these funds. These types of topics not only show your success, but will attract the attention of bloggers, journalists and maybe even new investors.
  2. Strategic Partnerships: Forming a new business partnership is important—why not broadcast that news? Does it bring you into a new market, add new go-to-market channels, or new product offerings? Not only can a new partner attract other strategic partners to your business, but one of the positive aspects is showing the strength and stability of your business.
  3. Financial Stability: Public companies are required to release their earnings every quarter. If you are not a public company you are not under any obligation to do so – but then again there’s nothing to stop you! Private companies can use Year over Year (YoY) growth numbers and show trends without being specific. Sharing growth numbers at year end, key performance metrics like achieving a certain goal (100th new customer), and other financial achievements shows the business stability that your different audiences want to see.
  4. Community Involvement: Are you involved in your community? Received recognition or an award? Donated products or services? If you are active in the community—whether it’s the town or city you’re are located or the wider industry community—share that good news story! Many times, a small business gets involved with business openings, town events, or supporting sports teams. Show your pride and involvement and you will be sure to attract like-minded customers.
  5. Thought Leadership: Has one of your executive team members or key employees been asked to speak at an industry event? Published an article? Did your business identify a trend in your market? Or produce a survey that had some interesting data points? These are all things that not only get your message out but will attract media as a company to watch or seek quotes from your experts on industry topics.
  6. Charitable Spirit: Did you and your employees raise money for a charitable event? Or will you be participating in a marathon, walk, or bike ride? Hosting a company sponsored volunteer day? Does your business collect toys around the holidays and offer your storefront as a drop-off area? These are all press release topics that show you and your employees have heart.
  7. Promotional Releases: Are you planning on a big sale? Offering free shipping or trial offers? Gearing up for expanded services? Any time you want to promote your business, a press release with what you’re offering can help. Not only to make sure the news gets out, but it might be picked up by a blogger that will amplify your story and give you more bang for the buck.

Newsworthy topics can be found in many areas, but the point it to keep it newsworthy. Don’t struggle to issue press releases but instead search for topics that help get your business news out there and have your audiences understand who you are as a company.


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