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The 3 Stages of Press Release Distribution

November 20, 2017  - Tips for Small Business
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As important as your press release is, distributing that news suitably is just as critical. You cannot apply the famous Kevin Costner movie quote “If you build it, they will come” to a press release. Instead, you need to push your news to as wide of an audience as possible. And to accomplish this, you need to expand your thinking regarding your distribution audience and potential placements.

Press Release distribution is a basic method of assuring journalists, partners, customers and other interested parties see your news. Depending on the news topic and target audience, you may decide on different release tactics. One thing that you will want to do, regardless of the news, is have a PR plan in place to ensure best performance.

Distribution can be broken down into three stages:

The Pre-Distribution Plan

Plan SEO to reach the right audience

Are you thinking about SEO - or Search Engine Optimization – when planning your release? Focus on what the release is about and who it is geared to. What will that audience search for that would make your release relevant? Those types of questions will spur your long-tailed keywords and help you optimize your press release for the right target audience.

While you may have heard that today's press releases are not as directly relevant for SEO due to Google algorithm changes, the way your audience finds your content does matter. You can elevate your ranking if a reporter writes a story and links back to the release or page. This adds credence for Google and will move the release up in search results. The same holds true for bloggers out there so be sure your release is relevant, has valuable information and supports your overall brand.

Prepare a blog to further support your news

When drafting your release think about other ways to promote this information. This can be writing in a more conversational style or elaborating on your product or service at a detail level that you would not use in a press release. Blogs can be a creative way to further support your news. You can utilize your blog as a way to incorporate customer testimonials, attract influencers, or go deep on explaining technology.

Blog placements on other sites that link back to your press release can also be a beneficial path to pursue. Consider guest placement on an industry outlet that might attract the attention of prospects or customers. If you respect their audience and their angle, and assemble and pitch your content to them accordingly, you could expand your blogging to guest posts that support your news. Be sure if you are repurposing material that you customize the opening and include a new statements or perspectives, so the blog is considered new material.

Getting journalists' attention

Getting a reporter's attention is a challenge – even for large marketing departments with PR agencies at their disposal – but it's not impossible. Spend a little time researching who the right journalists are for your industry or product. Try a few different outlets with a different take on the message and storyline.

Sites like HARO (Help a Reporter Out), offer access to a free resource that helps journalists source stories. This could be a great way to find opportunities that might fit your narrative. Set up Twitter alerts to identify relevant conversations in the space. And there's always the old-fashioned way of cultivating a relationship – face to face. Ask a local reporter to coffee and look for honest feedback on how to stand out from the competition.

The Actual News Distribution

Local news distribution

For many small and mid-size businesses, a large portion of your customers and target prospects are local. They are in your community. Think about where they might find their news. A local newspaper? A Patch article on a social media newsfeed? Be sure to think about optimizing your press release for these smaller yet still important forums.

National news distribution

The big guys have been around for a long time and by building relationships with them you can keep on top of changes in the industry, how to utilize their services in the best way possible, and stay knowledgeable about what's coming and changes in multimedia.
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Distribution to your key audience

Can you count on your customers seeing your press release? Not always. To make sure you are delivering your exciting news and carefully crafted messages to one of your most important audiences you need to push the news in front of them. Think about sending your press release information by email blast. If you use a service such as Mail Chimp, you can highlight your news in a fun formatted html email with a link to your press release on a web page or include a teaser paragraph and learn more link.

The Post-Distribution Syndication

Get social

One of the most important things you can do after the release has been pushed out is to syndicate that distribution via social channels. Key channels to consider include: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Reddit, Pinterest, Instagram, Google Plus, Delicious, and Pitch Engine. Be sure to not only think about where you are posting on your own social channels, but watch for viral pick up. It is also important to think about what works best for each social channel and use different mediums.

Here are some examples:

  • You post your release, follow up on social and then watch as your news spreads.
  • Once it hits major news portals, like the Boston Globe or Wall Street Journal, take those hyperlinks and use a different one with a unique description for each social channel.
  • Post the Boston Globe clipping on your Facebook social channel, and add to your post: “Boston Globe Covers YourCompany in FeatureStoryName.”
  • Take the next listing and tweet about it using a unique description.
  • Take the next one and include a new picture in an Instagram post adding “NewspaperX had this to say about ProductZ.”
  • Add a hashtag or two for good measure.
  • Rinse and repeat.

It's not as important to drive traffic back to your own website, rather, focus on branding and creating viable credibility and increased social signals.

If you utilize these three stages appropriately, you will optimize the distribution of your press release and get more eyeballs on your news. And as with any sales funnel, the greater your reach the greater the possibility of increasing your sales.


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