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5 Hot Strategies to Keep Your SMB Top of Mind This Summer

June 26, 2017  - Tips for Small Business
Strategies to Keep Your Business Top Of Mind This Summer
Summertime, and the living is easy . . . unless you are a small to mid-sized business (SMB) owner. If that is the case, instead of relaxing on a deck and enjoying the weather with a tall cold drink, you may be strategizing tactics to stay top of mind with your customers now that summer has officially begun.

Having a go-to-market summer plan should be contemplated in Q1, but it's not too late! Many of these activities can be kicked off quickly, with plenty of time to make a summer splash. Here are five hot strategies for keeping – and gaining – customers over the long dog days of summer.

Social Marketing Campaigns

One easy way to keep in front of your customers is to turn up the heat on your social marketing. Look at ways to reach your customers with interesting messages, tips, or share content or pictures that keep your brand in front of their eyes. Even when customers are on vacation they will be online – usually posting their own summer shots! Think about adjusting your strategy if you think it would help. Perhaps turn down publishing longer posts on LinkedIn and instead post pictures on Instagram. Back off on tweets, and turn up the dial on Facebook. Fish where the fish are. If your business is busier in the summer months, be sure to take advantage of the social tools available such as loading social posts ahead of time and then get on with your work week.

Interactive or DIY Workshops

Summer is a great time to really strut your stuff. Show how you do the things with a small workshop. Take advantage of the nice weather and people's willingness to get out and try new things. Don't think you do anything that could be a workshop? Think again! It's not all about teaching and books – many businesses can either share their knowledge with an educational learn-in like how to set up that Roth account you've been meaning to do…or a garden center can show how to mix and match flowers for a stunning planter. Are you a finished carpenter? Build a quick project and invite prospects to see you at work. Landscape designer – give a workshop for people considering installing a koi pond. The options are nearly endless.

Summer Sales

Summer is a perfect time for a sale. Why? There are built in sales dates! Memorial Day Sale, Fourth of July, Back to School Sale, End of Summer Sale, Labor Day Sale. The summer is a ripe opportunity to promote a sale of your product or service. Once you decide to have a sale, take advantage of your different social channels to promote. You can leverage one of your social channels for downloadable discounts, offer customers a discount if they post a picture using one of your products while on vacation, or hold a contest, such as asking for submissions of the most patriotic photo for Independence Day. If you make it fun and interactive it could even go viral and bring in new business.

Open House

Want to have a little fun with your customers? Consider having an open house. Think about combining a get-to-know-you event like a BBQ or ice cream social with an announcement such as a new product or expanded services, celebration of an anniversary of being in business, or simply to establish your ties to the community. These reasons can all work depending on your business, but the point is it allows people to interact in a more social and relaxed setting that nurtures customer experiences, reinforces relationships, and makes your business the one they talk about.

Show a Little Love

Let's face it, we all want to know we are appreciated and who better to tell (besides your family) then the people that keep your business running and growing: your customers. Select some of your top customers and invite them to a baseball game, a day of golf or a trip to a spa. Or, if the list of customers you want to thank is a little longer, send handwritten notes with a gift card for coffee or another small treat. They will feel singled out and special and that goes a long way to building a solid, long-term relationship.

Delivering good customer experiences all through the customer lifecycle is critical in any industry or time of year – but in the summer months when people try to disengage a little more and take vacations, be sure you don't do the same. Keep top of mind over the summer and be ready for the fall rush.


Ascentium Capital wants to help your business throughout the summer, too. Whether this is your busy season, or the calm before the end-of-year craze, our fast, flexible financing programs can help keep things on track.

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