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  • Car Wash Equipment Manufacturers & Operators Shine with Simple Financing

    February 11, 2019  - Car WashCustomer Reviews
    Image of Todd Davy from DRB systems inc with blog title overlaid
    DRB Systems (DRB), a leading provider of technology-enabled devices and software solutions for the car wash industry headquartered in Ohio, has taken that notion of helping each other by teaming up with Ascentium Capital to offer financing for car wash operators and owners. This has enabled DRB and their car wash clients to reach a new level of success, and it pays off for both. (Read More...)
  • Detailing Being Green So Your Commercial Car Wash Shines

    August 6, 2018  - Industry NewsCar Wash
    Image of silver car going through automatic car wash
    Fewer and fewer of us nowadays are enjoying the experience of washing our car in our own driveway on a Saturday morning. It was a first car owner's ritual; soaping up the car with a big sponge and rinsing it off with the garden hose. Before we all assume it's the youth of today not wanting to put in a little hard work and elbow grease, we should realize . . . that's only part of the problem. The main issue is the waste water run-off from these seemingly harmless chores. That sudsy water running off your driveway into the street is called nonpoint runoff and it is the leading cause of fresh water nonpoint source (NPS) pollution in the United States. And, it is causing many states and communities to ban the once typical suburban activity. (Read More...)
  • Flexible Financing Helps This Car Wash Tower Above the Competition

    July 30, 2018  - Customer ReviewsCar Wash
    Image showing Robert Powell owner of Tower Car Wash
    When Robert Powell left the banking industry to fulfill an entrepreneurial dream, he looked for a business that would be a good fit and would grow. When Tower Car Wash & Detail Center came on the market in 2005, Powell could see it was not only a match for his small business dreams, but with the right service, offerings, and customer experience for those who frequented his Batavia, Illinois location . . . he could clean up. (Read More...)
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