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Husband & Wife Entrepreneurs Hungry for a Good Sub Expand to 3 QSRs with All-inclusive Financing

August 29, 2023  - Customer ReviewsRestaurant
South Coast Subs owners Janette and Chris Hall

Janette and Chris Hall’s success story started with a simple craving for a sub sandwich like “back home in New Jersey” after moving to New England. Newly retired and having grown up on oil and vinegar subs, the couple set out to open a shop of their own not far from home. In 2019, they started their business, South Coast Subs, Inc., and opened their first quick-serve restaurant (QSR) in Dartmouth, MA. Chris's background in commercial construction and Janette's operations and financial management expertise were a recipe for success!

The couple quickly learned there were many hungry for their subs as orders kept coming and the customer line stretched out the front door. In 2022, as they were preparing to open a second location in Fairhaven, MA, their progress was compromised by a delay of funding from a previous lender. Determined to keep things moving, they explored other financing options and were thrilled with the speed and customized options Ascentium Capital offered.

“Janette inquired about a loan for a new build and mentioned her other franchise location had a variable interest rate loan that was costing her a fortune. We were able to refinance to a fixed interest rate and finance her new build within a week.” -- Elliot Chicoine, VP Franchise, Ascentium Capital

Ascentium's all-inclusive financing allowed the Halls to refinance their previous loan as well as covered the entire build for their second location. “They helped us finance everything - our walk-in fridges, slicers, meat cases…” said Chris Hall, Co-Owner of South Coast Subs, Inc. “…right down to the chair I’m sitting in.” In addition to meeting the deadlines they had once feared missing while preparing for the grand opening, Janette and Chris were able to benefit from improved cash flow and reduced the length of time to pay off their new build costs.

Dynamic Duo Expands to 3 QSR Locations with Ascentium's Franchise Financing

Pleased with their financing experience and increasing demand for their delicious sub sandwiches, the couple reached out to Ascentium for help opening a third location in Middletown, RI in 2023.

quote from Janette Hall stating that Ascentium's service is 100 percent better than any lending institution they've worked with

The successful duo now owns and operates three South Coast Sub locations in Dartmouth, MA, Fairhaven, MA, and Middletown, RI and plans to open three more locations over the next three years with the help of Ascentium Capital. Priding themselves on the freshest ingredients, the team begins food prepping at 7AM and doors open at 10AM. They foster a great culture for employees to grow and become managers. Donating to local schools and charitable organizations, the couple enjoys being able to support the communities they serve. “It’s exciting and rewarding to give back,” said Janette Hall.

“Ascentium’s financing has helped us grow by saving money on interest and reducing the length of our loan, so we are able to invest more money into future restaurants. When we go to open additional stores we will be working with Ascentium” –Janette Hall, Co-Owner, South Coast Subs, Inc.


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