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Former Delivery Driver Goes for the Gusto & Opens 6 QSR Locations with More on Menu

photo of Springfield Pie Inc employees smiling and welcoming you to their Domino's location

Augusto “Gus” Garcia began his successful business journey in 1999 as a delivery driver for Domino’s Pizza in Springfield, Massachusetts. With bigger plans on the menu, he worked his way up to management within the store, and then became part owner. In 2014 Gus was able to buy out his partners and become the sole franchisee of the Domino’s location, under his own company Springfield Pie, Inc.  Amidst the Pandemic in 2021, this savvy entrepreneur expanded adding 4 more locations in Western MA when many other businesses were closing their doors. Determined to continue growing his franchisee network and build a new store, Garcia searched for fast financing options.

Sizzling Hot – 45 days to Build 6th Pizza Franchise

Gus had experienced funding delays with previous lenders that jeopardized progress. He had other options, but none that could match the ease and speed of working with Ascentium Capital. Other lenders needed a lot of documentation and Garcia didn't have time.

quote from Gus Garcia explaining that he chose Ascentium because it was very easy and fast to get the loan

With help from Ascentium Capital, Gus built his 6th QSR location in 2022. Ascentium was able to provide a pre-approval within one day and financed the build of his new store along with the equipment to outfit the location, including make lines, walk-in freezers, and more. His finance manager, Dennis, made sure contractors were paid quickly so Gus could focus on the construction, marketing, and keeping other locations running.

“Gus reached out for help building his 6th franchise location in 2022. We got him approved within a day and provided 100% financing and deferred payments. Gus was able to build his store in 45 days.” --Dennis Pratte, VP Franchise Sales, Ascentium Capital

The fast flexible package Ascentium provided helped Gus maintain cash flow during construction, delaying full payments until the store was bringing in revenue.   

Giving Back – The Only Way to Do Good Business

Photo of Gus Garcia holding a freshly baked domino's pizza

Priding himself on giving back to the communities served, Garcia launched the “Summer of Giving” program and pledged to donate half a million dollars in food and delivery service to help those in need. They’ve almost reached that goal and are excited to continue helping others, “There’s no other way of running a business if you don’t help the community,” says Gus.

The Garcia Family’s charitable contributions have been widely recognized among the community and by the franchisor. Gus and his team work to help local schools, churches, the YMCA, the Springfield Boys and Girls Club, homeless shelters, and more.

Success in Teamwork – Synergies Keep Business Cooking

Over the years Gus has learned that his success comes not only from his own hard work, but from family, employees, and the community around him. He recognizes the importance of forging strong relationships with people and companies that share his commitment to speed and excellence.

quote from Gus Garcia saying he would definitely recommend Ascentium to other Domino's franchisees

Today, Gus owns 6 pizza franchises throughout Massachusetts with 2 more locations planned by year end. Ascentium looks forward to working with Garcia as he expands his network.


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