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Boost Your Brand with Promotional Products

June 29, 2020  - Tips for Small Business
photo of smiling woman giving away branded promotional items at trade show

One of the oldest forms of marketing strategy to build your brand is the use of branded merchandise to keep your business top of the mind with prospects and current customers and to place your company in a position of value. Billions of dollars are spent every year by large and small businesses giving away items with their logos. These branded giveaways generate exposure by giving the chance for an introduction and a cue that your business is ready to serve them. In the recent times of dealing with COVID 19, a simple gift of something fun and useful reminds people of some normalcy, and you stand by ready to help them grow their business. 

There is an abundance of promotional products and merchandise that fit every company’s need, budget and occasion. The goal is to purchase items that will be kept, used and not thrown out. This means that the most popular items are the most useful items, and that is what gets attention. The strategy is to give away items that your target audience will use in the environment where they make decisions about utilizing your products or services.

Personalize items with your business logo and message to visibly stand out in the marketplace and differentiate your company. The giveaway items serve like a business card, providing them is an effective way to introduce people to your brand. Take the example of giving away pens: very affordable, useful and easy to distribute in large quantities, especially at in-person events. Pens are a popular promotional giveaway product for small businesses. Businesses appreciate pens because customers will use them at their workplace and in their homes. Chances are your pen will be passed on and end up in the hands of another potential client. Your contacts at trade shows and events will take the time to pick up and collect products that are relevant and useful. In terms of marketing strategy, giving away branded pens are helping to take care of customers and inspire customer loyalty.

image showing examples of promotional items given away by companies

Building Brand Recognition

  • Use of promotional products helps to create brand awareness and attract new customers and clients.
  • Give away reasonable priced items that are unique and useful for everyday use.
  • Branded items keep your company name in the foresight of the people you are trying to attract.
  • Promotional items are customized with contact information – including company name, logo, URL or phone number
  • People need to recognize who you are, and the quality and service provided by your business

It is important to only use promotional products that compliment your marketing message strategy and do not bring down your business. If you are going to spend the money, make it a worthwhile and useable product. Don’t spend cheap and sacrifice quality. Order a sample of the product before you place your order. If the pen does not write well, it will just be thrown out. The challenge is to be creative and find a product that is:

  • Relevant to your company
  • Tailored and selectively chosen for your customers
  • Low cost yet of good quality
  • Creatively gives a message about your company
  • Will be appreciated by your clients
  • Supplied by a reliable supplier you trust to provide as promised
  • Fits in with your overall marketing strategy
image showing a list of the most popular promotional items to brand with your logo

Regardless of your company’s product or service, a mixed set of promotional strategies can provide positive brand awareness. Social media networks are a source to connect with your customers and offer an online option for your customers and potential clients to view your company from a different perspective. A giveaway product can be offered on Facebook or LinkedIn and be used to drive awareness to your website or contact with your sales staff. Direct mailings also are a means to advertise your company products or services and promote access to a giveaway product, encouraging direct contact at an event or via email.  Set up a customer referral program to leverage your customer base as a sales force by offering a free product or gift card as a thank you for new business. Show your appreciation and reward your current customers by tailoring promotional products for your better clients. Give something nicer that they will find useful and appreciate. When you give out a promotional product, levels of customer loyalty and brand awareness will be increased.

People like receiving freebies and gifts. Promotional products are a cost-effective means of reaching out to more potential customers. Giving away items at meetings and events builds client retention and loyalty to an identified brand as well as adds more personality and tangibility in a business relationship. Well planned and innovative gift items will create a significant impact and draw your customer’s attention to help raise your brand’s profile. In the land of marketing strategy, the purpose of a promotional product is to create a positive association between the usefulness of the promotional product and your company itself as you work beside your customer offering products and services to help them grow their business.


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