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Online Reviews – Your Business May Need Them Now More Than Ever

June 4, 2020  - Tips for Small Business
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As we adapt to the impact of the pandemic, a business' online presence is even more essential. This is a perfect time to distinguish your business from the competition during these unprecedented times with client reviews.

Consumers look for and rely on reviews and expect them from established trustworthy businesses. With access to numerous online platforms, customers can share their experience with the world in just a few clicks, and reviews can be an invaluable asset.

Why are reviews so important, and how can businesses leverage them? Many buying decisions are based on customer reviews, so getting as many positive reviews as possible is key. Let's review some reasons consumers' published experiences with your brand are vital.

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Utilize Priceless Feedback

Both positive and negative reviews can benefit your business. Each review provides valuable feedback that can be used to improve your business operations. Reviews help identify strengths, weaknesses, and areas that need improvement. When consumers have options, they will most likely go with the business with positive reviews. Showcase positive reviews and testaments on your website and in marketing materials. You can even take it a step further by asking pleased clients to participate in a video testimonial.

Engage Through Reviews

Responding to reviews is an additional opportunity to engage with your valued customers and show gratitude. Listen to your clients. Make each response tailored and authentic and devote additional resources if needed to do so. Thank your clients and offer further assistance.

Sure, no one likes to receive a negative review, but most love to read them, and they typically drive the most engagement. Promptly respond and attempt to resolve issues with displeased clients to show consumers you care about your customer base. Work to find a solution that converts an unhappy client into a loyal repeat client.

Reviews draw attention and may lead to increased online exposure. This could prompt consumers to research and consider your business that never would have done so otherwise. There have been many instances where businesses have successfully used negative reviews to receive extra press and attention because of how they addressed and handled the situation. No company is perfect, and how you handle a negative experience can show leadership and responsiveness.

Improve Organic Search CTRs (click-through rates)

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There are many ways to leverage reviews to make your website stand out in organic searches. It's possible to have your business reviews displayed in the organic search results next to your website listing. Having more reviews will help to display more star ratings in the search results, drawing more attention to your website.

Search results showing businesses with several positive reviews can draw more attention than those without star reviews, even if not listed at the top. Consumers will often only consider businesses with reviews, leading to a higher click-through rate than listings above your website simply by having star reviews present.

Help Improve SEO & Gain Visibility

Your search engine rank will typically improve if you gain more positive consumer reviews. One of the sources that Google pulls local business information from are popular review sites. The number of reviews along with the ratings factor in to how your business ranks in consumer search listings. The top listings are often dominated by businesses with an impressive number of reviews, so accumulating many positive reviews, combined with other SEO strategies, can help to gain visibility and push your business listing higher up in organic results.

Build Trust & Credibility

A large number of reviews, combined with a high percentage of 4- and 5-star reviews, builds trust that converts consumers into paying customers. Reviews can be the deciding factor when it comes to making a purchase or visiting a business, and more so than ever in our current environment. When consumers are searching for a service or product online, the reviews are often the deciding factor when it comes to making a selection. Reviews are critical for every industry.

Positive reviews help add an element of legitimacy. Consumers like reading about others' experiences and establish comfort and trust reading testaments to service and products provided.

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Ask for Customer Reviews!

The best way to get reviews is to ask for them or make it easy for clients to supply them. For example, add social icons or review platforms to your website and emails. You could also send personalized emails asking clients about their experience. One way to get a large number of reviews is by providing incentives. For instance, the fast-food chain Subway gives a free cookie to anyone answering a one-minute survey about their food and franchise. If you are providing incentives for online reviews, just ensure you follow the terms and conditions of the rating platform.

Additionally, a part of your website could be dedicated to customer reviews where clients can share what they think about your products and/or services. This will not only empower your business with critical data, it will show customers you care and want feedback, which strengthens brand-loyalty.

Collecting and analyzing consumer reviews can help you improve as well as make your organization stand out among the competition. They can also help increase brand awareness and much more. The importance of customer reviews will continue to grow as the number of those relying on Internet research to help make decisions grows.


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