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Ascentium Women Share Their Lessons in Leadership

October 31, 2019  - Tips for Small Business
female leader at Ascentium Capital shares insights with male peer

Studies have identified a marked management style among women leaders. They are strongly oriented toward team performance and consider morale and motivation key factors for optimum performance. Their preference for collaboration also makes them highly effective when working with clients, helping them establish constructive relationships.

Ascentium Capital celebrates its female leaders. To underscore that pride, we asked some of these women to share leadership lessons they have learned in their careers. These lessons are food for thought for anyone who wants to continue to improve their own performance and progress into leadership roles.

Carol Dmytriw - Senior Vice President, SalesBe open to new ideas.

"I learned early on that I don't know everything. I try to be a sponge and learn as much as I can."

Carol Dmytriw
Senior Vice President, Sales


 Don't worry about being liked.

"Leadership is about having the courage to make unpopular or tough decisions."

Kim McAnarney
Vice President, Customer Service

Haydee Franco - Vice President, SalesTalk less, listen more.

"Instead of telling customers what they need, I listen to them. When I do talk, I get straight to the point. If I can't do something, I'm not going to give them the runaround. I'll let them know I can't do it."

Haydee Franco
Vice President, Sales


You won't get anywhere without a great team. Jessica Parfait - Vice President, Professional Development

"I can think I'm doing great, but without a solid team behind me I'm not going anywhere. It's important to hire great people, teach them everything you can, and then get out of their way."

Jessica Parfait
Vice President, Professional Development


Danielle Corbo - Vice President, SalesBe authentic.

"I strive to be upfront with my customers as well as my team, and to listen to their needs. Part of being authentic is also setting expectations, so that everyone is clear about what I can and can't do. I don't promise something I can't deliver."

Danielle Corbo
Vice President, Sales


Don't ask anyone on the team to do anything you wouldn't do yourself. Cassandra Rentfrow - Vice President, Sales

"We're an all-hands-on-deck team, so I try to make sure everyone understands we're all in this together. And there's nothing I wouldn't do or ask of somebody that I don't do."

Cassandra Rentfrow
Vice President, Sales


Always be upfront and honest. Deborah Jennings - Vice President, Sales

"I never tried to act or be like a man, even though I'm in a very male business space. I'm smart and confident with a good sense of humor, and it works for me."

Deborah Jennings
Vice President, Sales



There is always room for improvement.

"Try to motivate people, set expectations and keep trying to improve the company, the team, and find ways to work smarter and more efficiently."

Jeannette Villegas
Assistant Vice President, Vendor Services


While these insights reflect qualities that women leaders share, they apply to anyone in a leadership role. They may be especially useful for women who are on such paths in their careers.

Here's to Ascentium's women leaders! Their contribution is invaluable to the company and our clients.


October may have come to an end, and with it National Women's Small Business Month, but Ascentium Capital's commitment to helping your business achieve success continues. Our flexible financing programs for women-led businesses are ready when you need equipment, technology or more to make your business plans a reality.

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