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A Brighter Future for Binson’s Medical Equipment & Supplies with New LED Lighting

A Brighter Future for Binson's Medical Equipment & Supplies with LED Financing

When George Binson opened the doors of his pharmacy in 1953 in Center Line, Michigan, he couldn't have foreseen the bright future for his small business over 60 years later. The Binson family business has grown from that one pharmacy with a soda fountain to 14 locations. Binson's expanded into home medical equipment and supplies in the 1970s and now serves hospitals, doctor offices, nursing homes, and individuals across Michigan and Florida.

George probably never expected his grandson Bob Binson, one of the family members running Binson's now, to be mayor of Center Line someday either -- but obviously the commitment to community involvement runs deep with the Binson family.

Today, George's son James and grandsons Jim, Bob and Nick have worked tirelessly to provide medical equipment and supplies in the communities they serve and continue to grow the business. But even growing small businesses need smart financing choices to continue their bright future – and this was the case with Binson's.

"In our industry, we have low margins, so it's very difficult to be able to fund things like [LED lighting]."  Bob Binson, Vice President Customer Service & Distribution

Binson's locations were still using fluorescent lighting. Not only was low fluorescent lighting a challenge for seeing properly and scanning barcodes, but it did not showcase their products very well. In addition, fluorescent lighting did not offer the cost efficiencies of LED technology. With the number of locations, and sizes of the warehouses and retail spaces, making a dramatic change over to LED in a low margin business was looking cost prohibitive – until they found Ascentium Capital.

Ascentium Capital helps Binson's provide better products

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Retrofitting their locations with LED not only solved their lighting issues but created a better work environment and helped save Binson's money that they can now reinvest in providing better health care products and services. A loan infusion for this LED conversion is not just good for the business, it's also doing the environment a favor and Binson's may just find employees more effective and happy as well. This all fits well with their family values and community focus.

"It was a breath of fresh air to work with them [Ascentium Capital] . . . we got stuff done right away. The application process was really easy, it was quick, and it was seamless." Bob Binson, Vice President Customer Service & Distribution

Learn more about Binson's bright future after working with Ascentium from Bob Binson, VP Customer Service and Distribution in this quick video:




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