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Print Trends for Small Businesses: An Interview with Henle Printing Company

November 14, 2016  - Tips for Small Business
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Although digital channels have risen in popularity for both consumers and businesses over the past several years, marketers are seeing a resurgence in tactile efforts like direct mail due to their ability to engage the recipient in different ways than emails and online ads. We recently talked with Mike Henle, owner of Henle Printing Company, about the trends and advancements in printing for businesses.

What trends are you seeing with small and medium size businesses and printing?

With the increase in the priority of one-to-one communication, the trend in printing for small to medium size companies is to print smaller quantities and continually change the message to enhance customer attention. Through the use of digital printing it is easier to customize small quantities and hit very specific markets with a very specific message.

Additionally, direct mail has seen a major resurgence because people's email boxes are full, and they are deleting what they see as 'junk' without opening it. People seem to prefer getting something they can hold and keep as a reference.

How is the printing industry changing to better serve customers?

The printing business is going through a major paradigm shift from conventional offset, or sheet-fed printing which involves many steps for the printers and thus is more costly to the consumer, to a more cost effective digital printing environment. Digital printing gives the customer equal quality and in some cases superior quality to conventional offset. The turnaround time on digital work is much shorter thus saving the customer money and time and enables companies to meet shorter deadlines

What do you recommend for a small business looking to maximize their printing budget?

Some of the ways small businesses can be cost effective when working with printers is to create their own files and send them to the printer as a print-ready pdf. This eliminates the cost of creative design, proofing and time spent on revisions. The printer is able to print directly from the customers files.

How important is something like paper choice to the overall project?

The paper you choose creates an image, either that of quality or something inferior. Often the cost between paper types can be minimal, but have a significant impact on the overall perception of your marketing piece.

When it comes to choosing the right paper for a project one consideration should be the weight of the paper. A heavier paper represents a higher quality, more confident piece. For coatings, glossy paper is great for brochures and newsletters. For postcards we recommend going with a coated one-sided stock, which is glossy on one side and a flat finish on the back side.

What should you consider when choosing a printing company?

When choosing a printing partner there are several things to consider. In today's "price is everything" world, printing is different. Low price does no good if the product is delivered a day late or if the quality is poor. As a printer, we promote quality, service and competitive pricing. There will always be someone out there who can produce a product for less, but sometimes you get what you pay for. Choose a printing partner that comes recommended from your friends and other business partners.

Are there certain types of services you should expect a printer to offer?

Printing companies today provide a wide array of services from printing to complete bulk mailing services all in house. By working with a printer who offers the services in house you can be assured of more control when it comes to making and meeting deadlines. A full service printer also offers services such as wide format banner printing, vinyl signs, graphic design services, as well as foiling, embossing and book printing and binding.


About our guest contributor:

Mike Henle is the owner of Henle Printing Company, a third generation family owned printing company that started in 1980. The Henle family previously owned the local newspaper and wanted to provide their newspaper customers with all their printing needs. As the company has grown it has continued to expand its services. Today Henle Printing Company has four full time graphic artists on staff, as well as a variety of offset and digital presses to handle all types of printing. Henle Printing specializes in tight deadline projects that need to be delivered on time and with exceptional quality. The best form of advertising for Henle Printing is what their current customers say about them. From design to full color printing to complete mailing services, Henle Printing is truly your one stop for all your printing needs.

To learn more about Henle Printing Company, visit or call (800) 491-4493.

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