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Putting Pedal to the Metal to Deliver Great Customer Experiences

July 6, 2016  - Customer Reviews
At some point, we all go through hiccups in our personal or financial life. For Kris Zachary of Burns Towing, Inc., changes in her personal life impacted her financial ability to accelerate a business that was ready to grow. Burns Towing had great potential, but needed a partner that would be able to work with her to understand her business, and provide a flexible financing program to help get her back on the right track.

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Burns Towing has been in business for over 40 years – working primarily with law enforcement agencies and impound shops for towing, as well as contract work with tire shops and individuals for roadside assistance. Kris had jointly owned the small business for the last 25 years and had done well expanding the business over time by delivering great customer experiences. She became the sole owner about 5 years ago. With good clients and contracts but an aging fleet that required upgrades and repairs, Kris knew she needed to invest but first needed to clean up her credit score and accounts payables debt.

Applying for a loan can be a daunting issue for any small business – especially if the small business owner's credit score and history have been negatively impacted by a life event. It's important for all SMBs at this stage to think longer term. It's also critical to work with a leasing specialist and small business lender that understands your industryand will be your partner. Establishing a relationship with a lender will allow them to understand your business and offer flexible financing solutions. Ascentium Capital did just this and was able to help drive a whole new venture for Burns Towing.

The above video is Kris Zachary's perspective on working with Ascentium Capital – securing not just one loan to clear the old debt and improve her credit score, but additional commercial vehicle financing to upgrade the fleet, increase their hauling capacity, and put the business on a path of success. Kris shares her insightful examination of why working with a lender like Ascentium Capital has paid off for her and Burns Towing – and allowed her team to continue building on their customer loyalty by delivering great customer experiences.

If you want to learn more about working with a partner that can do the heavy lifting – providing flexibility to adapt, customize payment dates, and offer financial products to meet virtually any business need – check out Ascentium Capital's fast, flexible financing.
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